Goddess of Space and Time

Please, Madame, do you trade?
bit of this, for some of that?
Perhaps a year of Law and Order
for two hours in 1970?
The North Van Country Club. 
His head thrown back, laughing,
a twist of cigarillo smoke drifting
towards the disco ball.
And me, in the yellow dress.



Reading at Salt Spring Library, November 4, 2017

Students at the August retreat at Annie's Acres with Susan Musgrave will be reading with Susan at the Salt Spring Library on the evening of November 4, 2017.  


Reading at Fat Oyster Reading Series, Sept. 27, 2017

I'll be at Fat Oyster Reading Series, Fanny Bay Community Hall on September 27th. Reading with Brian Brett, Anita Anand and my sister, Janet Miller!  Starts at 7:00.  I love the Fat Oyster reading series.  The hall is wonderful and the audience attentive.  No Italian espresso machines in the background, no traffic to speak of. A great place to read and listen.


Nanoose Retreat with Susan Musgrave, August 2017

Had a great writing retreat at Annie's Acre in Nanoose, BC.  Host Tina Biello was the great organizer and cook as always! It was delightful and educational to work with our great Canadian poet SUSAN MUSGRAVE!  Most our meetings were held in Tina's (and her partner, Patty's) huge teepee!  (You don't always get to mention a teepee when you are talking about a writing retreat!)


BC Writes Poetry Contest Short List - Sept. 2014

***Oct/14 Congratulations to Barbara Pelman!  Winner of BC Writes poetry contest.  All best and see you in November at HB.

Thrilled to receive an email re my name being on short list along with Barbara Pelman, Wendy Donawa, Ann Graham Walker and Bernice Lever. May the best dear friend win!





Finally in March, 2014 received my lovely chapboks from Houle Printing.  They did a lovely job of  the book and thanks to Alex Haines for all his help.  

And thank you to Alun Hollyman for the very lovely illustration he did for the front cover.  Alun took an old photograph of my grandparents (Teresa and Will Miller, standing with my Uncle Robbie and my father, Donald) and made it into a beautiful illustration.  I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out.  

To everyone who has purchased the little book - XXXOOO. And thanks to all the people who came to my launch at Char's Landing on March 26th.  

I'll be reading from the chapbook at Culture Days in Nanaimo, Saturday, September 27th, 11:00 am at Waterfront Library and at the Cottage Bistro in Vancouver on Thursday, October 23, 2014.