Goddess of Space and Time

Please, Madame, do you trade?
bit of this, for some of that?
Perhaps a year of Law and Order
for two hours in 1970?
The North Van Country Club. 
His head thrown back, laughing,
a twist of cigarillo smoke drifting
towards the disco ball.
And me, in the yellow dress.



Marie Howe Workshop in Venice, July 2014

Did I really go back to Italy in the heat of summer?  Yes, I did.  Had a great time in Venice in July with Marie Howe. Met wonderful poets from around the world! Stayed at the neat and tidy Don Orione Religious House.  Saw as much of Venice as possible while writing and meeting!  Loved the Pesaro Museum.




Just got word last week that my poem "Gloria" was chosen as one of top 23 in Troubadour International Poetry contest.  Gracefully declined my invitation to read on Monday, December 2, 2013 at the Poetry Cafe in Earl's Court, London. Maybe next time...

You can visit the Troubadour site to read "Gloria" and all the winning entries and comments by the judges at the following link:





Ocean Wilderness Retreat - Nov. '13

Had a great time at OW with Patrick Lane in November.  It was good to be writing with all my poet friends.  Tina played her accordion and then we did a couple of one-handed 'duets'. Laughed lots. What a great group.





Remembering Glenairely & VSW


Susan Musgrave's class at VSW - the year after sherri-d and the year before Susan Stenson. 2007?

In the Nun's Garden, Glenairely, Nov 2008

Susan Stenson's Class, VSW 2008Farewell Dinner, VSW July 2008sherri-d's class, VSW July 2007


Art Workshop International in Assisi, Italy August 2012

Hard to believe its been four months since the Art Workshop International in Assisi.  Had two weeks at the Giotto Hotel in Assisi with poet Kimiko Hahn.  Three students only - myself, Jay and Darbey.  Food was great at the hotel, it was a room with a view and study groups every morning were intersting and informative.  It was great to meet the other learners, painters and memoir writers.  Read and displayed our work on the last evening. 

My daughter Lindsay joined me for the last two weeks and when the workshop was over we headed off to Pesaro on the Adriatic and then to the Island of Ischia off the coast of Naples.  The people, food and swimming were all beatufiul in southern Italy.  Planning my next trip in my head as I write!

The Happy Poets - Kimiko Hahn, the little dog, Jay, Darbey and myself on the deck at the Giotto, Assisi, IT

Jay and Lindsay on the Trail of PIero